Celebrating the Life of Gay Social Nudity

Celebrating the Life of Gay Social Nudity
Celebrating the Life of Gay Social Nudity! Welcome to My Gayborhood: an Affirming Site For Men Comfortable With Their Nakedness and Their Sexuality! Just so that you know, not only am I not wearing any boxers, I'm likewise without bikinis, briefs, jockstraps or thongs: I'm totally nude!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Holiday Thoughts

I always get asked this question at least once every winter holiday season: What do you give a nudist as a gift? I'm sure some of those asking are probably doing so in jest. Yet, at the same time, I hope at the very least, some of the curious are sincere. It is a valid question. Most people exchange presents out of friendship and love. Practically all givers want to offer something useful that the receiver appreciates. So rather than sweat the motive of the questioner, I try to reply honestly and respectfully.
What do you give a naturist/nudist for the holidays? First, any gift that you'd share with anyone else on your list is fine. Just because a person prefers nudity doesn't make them any less of a human. That being said, there are several items that most nudists find generous, thoughtful as well as useful.

As in all gift selections, the choice is based on price range and on closeness with the recipient. These decisions rest with the giver. All the suggestions I'm offering are available in a variety of styles and price ranges.

One item that many nudes truly appreciate is the "fanny-pack" or "hip-pouch." This item is merely an adjustable belt worn around the waist with a utility pouch attached. It's always popular for valuables storage at nudist/naturist events and functions as well as hiking or a day at a clothes-free beach. On the expensive end of the price range, these come in all leather styles or may be found in the more economical styles such as nylon or canvas. When searching the various sizes, keep in mind that most men need to fit a wallet, keys as well as mobile communication devices inside them, with a little room to spare.

Nudists use towels as a barrier between their ass and whatever piece of furniture they're sitting on. This is an essential part of naked etiquette as both a courtesy and a matter of hygiene. A couple of hand towels always make a thoughtful gift not just for the holidays but other occasions as well. These towels can be the generic ones found in most department stores (the most economical) or they may be embroidered with initials or personalized in other ways that make identification easier.

My final idea for shopping here is the lanyard or necklace style key-ring. Useful to nude men as an accessory to keep valuables (auto and house keys and in some cases, phones) secure while socializing clothes-free. These can be found for under $10 and can be personalized by depicting the colors of the rainbow flag, favorite sports teams, etc. Some are available (more expensive) with an attachment that a driver's license and/or credit card can be stored.

Happy shopping! I hope these recommendations are helpful.

Naked hugs.    

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