Celebrating the Life of Gay Social Nudity

Celebrating the Life of Gay Social Nudity
Celebrating the Life of Gay Social Nudity! Welcome to My Gayborhood: an Affirming Site For Men Comfortable With Their Nakedness and Their Sexuality! Just so that you know, not only am I not wearing any boxers, I'm likewise without bikinis, briefs, jockstraps or thongs: I'm totally nude!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Living Honestly

Personally, it's important to be able to live my life as honestly as humanly possible. I have no shame of being the man that I am. I've nothing to hide, either figuratively or literally. This philosophy holds true for both my nudity as well as my sexuality. I'm proud of both of those aspects of my life.
Aside from my nudity, I really don't publicly flaunt my life. I don't go around waving a rainbow flag nor do I have one tattooed on my body. I do have a rainbow magnet on the bumper of my car but that's as far as it goes. I also have a magnet on the same bumper that reads: "Live Life Naked." For some, that may be seen as advertising. I view it as simply making a statement. Similar to someone having a sticker stating: "Proud Parent of..."
I have no reason to hide who I am, whether it's family, friends, coworkers or neighbors. Along the same line, being honest means that I don't always need to proclaim my love of men or my appreciation of the natural male body. When asked by those who I think need to know, I answer honestly and openly. I figure they're going to know one way or the other, so let's be up-front from the beginning. If anyone has to judge me or has a problem with who I am, let's get it all out in the open now, once and for all.

My thought has always been that life is too short to play games or to use deception. I don't need to waste time on pretenses. I accept myself for who I am and that's all the acceptance that's necessary. If others dislike me for being me, it's their issue, not mine. My happiness isn't linked to their approval. If that were the case, I'd more than likely be a very unhappy man.

It's never bothered me being the sole nude man at whatever function I attend. As long as it's officially clothing optional, I have no problem opting out of my clothing and being my true self: bare-assed naked. That's the man that I am. And I have attended socials or events where I am the only man milling among others without clothes. I am absolutely going to both be and do me. That's who I am.

On most, if not all, of the times that I've been the only nude, usually within the hour of me disrobing, I've been joined in nakedness by at the very least, several others, if not more. I've found that many enjoy being clothes-free, they just don't want to be the first to do so. As for me, I prefer naked to clothing so I have no problem being the one to remove his garments first. Someone has to lead the way, right?

The same honest and open principle that I apply to my nudity also is true concerning my same gender loving orientation. I'm not ashamed of being a gay man. If I'm with my boyfriend and we feel like holding hands, we do it. No matter where we are. If a heterosexual couple can show affection, then so can I. Life is too short for me to waste time worrying about the judgments or reactions of others. My love is what I feel, it's not the acceptance or opinions of strangers.

Holding hands publicly is a genuine demonstration of affection. Personally, kissing out in the open is a separate matter. Not because of the reactions of others; they don't bother me. I've just never thought it appropriate to lip-lock among a crowd, no matter the age or gender mix of the couple involved. I'll exchange a quick peck on the cheek or lips of my boyfriend or close friends, but that's the extent of my comfort level. I've always felt that anything intense should occur in private. That's just me being me, it's not a judgment.

This does not mean that I promote my sexual orientation in my daily life. There's nothing wrong with that, it simply isn't me. I own a couple of gay pride T-shirts that I wear sometimes (yes, even nudists do wear clothes) and an Obama LGBT rainbow T-shirt. I have a rainbow flag magnet on my car. Aside from that, who I love is my business and not others. However, if asked, I don't deny or hide the fact that I'm a man who loves men.

My parents raised me not to be ashamed of who I am. This lesson has served me well in living openly as a gay man and as a nudist. I have no shame in being either one or, in reality, both. I have pride in knowing that I am true to myself. In doing so, I am honoring not only me, but my boyfriend, my parents and my community as well.

Naked hugs.    

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tease: Hairy Armpit

This week, I received an email from my blogger buddy, Joe Blow of The Closet Professor (http://www.closetprofessor.blogspot.com ) regarding my recent blog entry concerning my lifelong attraction and fascination with men's hairy armpits. In his message, Joe Blow wrote, " I read your post about armpit hair (and) left a comment. I have always found armpit hair to be sexy, even just a glimpse." 

He concluded his note with a link to his blog entry that pictured the above image, a glimpse of a man's armpit hair. Enough of a hint of those masculine tufts to make those of us who share this fetish want to see even more. I posted the picture but here's the link to The Closet Professor in case any of you are interested in the entire article. It's a very provocative piece and I urge all of  you to give it a read.  Click: http://www.closetprofessor.blogspot.com/2012/12/something-different_27.html .

As I wrote here in my recent post, "Memory: Hairy Armpits and Basketball" on January 19, hairy armpits are a personal fetish that some judge as strange or unusual. I offer no apology for this fantasy nor do I feel any embarrassment over it. It's a natural part of who I am, just as is being gay and being a nudist. My parents raised me to never be ashamed of being myself. This aspect is just one of many that make me a unique man. If we, as naked men-who-love-men were all identical, this would be one very boring and dull world.

To those who share the admiration of manly armpit hairs as do Joe Blow and myself, enjoy the tease photo above. In the dead of winter, we don't always have a sight such as this to savor. Granted, I'd prefer the "full monty" of underarm growth. However, I'll take and appreciate whatever view I am given.

Thanks, Joe Blow!

Naked hugs. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. Holiday

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." 

He lived and preached full equality for all people.
He remains an inspiration for us all.

Naked hugs

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Memory: Hairy Armpits and Basketball

In my profile here on Blogger.com, I've written of my enjoyment of the game of basketball. This sport has remained among my favorites, as both a participant and spectator, since my early days in elementary school. I was never a power player and failed to make the cut for my school teams. I did play in recreation leagues from elementary school through high school and then intramural teams while in college. Currently, I'm on a men's recreation team with my place of employment.

Before making a conscious decision to pursue basketball as my "sport of choice," I was attracted to the game by the uniform: sleeveless jerseys that easily provided a clear view of the hairy armpits of the players. From an early age, before any understanding of sexuality, I was fascinated by this part of the male anatomy. Later in life, I would recognize this attraction as erotic. However, at the age of seven or eight years, all I knew is that I could look at these hairy underarms and feel good about the glimpses available while watching or playing basketball.

I worked on developing the skills that would allow me to qualify for league teams. I practiced and joined in neighborhood pick-up games. I spent hours shooting hoops on my own. I watched pro games on TV. Whenever the opportunity arose, I went with my father to local college games. By now, my game was decent and developed to the point I appreciated the court action. But underlying all this was my obsession with the tufts of hair that sprouted in the male armpit.

When I entered middle school, I was thrilled to see the tentative growth of armpit hairs on my peers and most of all, in my own pits. I remember spending hours in front of the mirror admiring my boyish sprouts and straining my neck to catch a fleeting glance at the pubescent growth on the underarms of my friends. In the communal showers after physical education class, I'd steal looks at the maturing cocks and pubic bush of my fellow students between admiring the views of their sprouting underarm hairs. I'd compare their development to my own.
In a few short years, I'd see all this as the beginning of my evolution as a gay man. While all this was happening, I didn't have a clue except for the mutual masturbation sessions with my buddy. Still several years into the future, this appreciation of hairy male armpits would lead to my self-discovery of my preference for same gender loving nudity.
Nowadays, I don't have the chance to play or watch as much basketball as I'd like. Someone has to pay the bills. But I do catch as much court action, either on TV or live, either as participant or spectator, whenever possible. As to my hairy armpit fetish, it's as strong as ever. It remains a major erotic attraction. That's why I offer a feature on Guys Without Boxers regularly as "Armpits of the Month." Some things in life just don't change.    
Naked hugs. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Let It Snow

I've never tried this before! I have done the s'naked (snow + naked) routine but never sex with snowmen. I guess those who use dildos may find this pleasing; to me, it's too cold outside to work up to any level of satisfaction from fucking or sucking with these winter creations. Besides, my boyfriend keeps me both pleased and warm, thank you very much!  
Getting s'naked can be fun when done with friends. Last year was the first time that I participated in a frolic in the snow. My boyfriend and I had dated a few times then got caught in a storm on a weekend visit to one of his college buddies. The three of us stripped and charged into the backyard that was covered in almost a foot of snow. We ran around, chasing each other with snowballs and enjoying the new sensation. This kept our adrenaline pumped and our bodies warm for about all of ten to fifteen minutes.
What followed next was a desperate dash back inside his buddy's house. We didn't get dressed, opting to stay naked in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate. It was then I learned that the both of them frequently did this, along with others, while they were college students. Maybe s'naked play is an addiction that no one ever really loses.

Will I repeat this exploit again? As long as my boyfriend is along, absolutely! He has the special knack for making this activity both exciting and fun. There's no way I'd pass on another opportunity to indulge in s'naked play. Would I with anyone else? Of course, even though I know beforehand it won't be nearly as much fun as with my man!
Naked hugs.   

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Blog Buddies

It's now been almost three months since I began publishing Guys Without Boxers. I started writing when it was at the end of autumn, 2012, and here it is now, dead in the middle of winter, 2013. I'm struggling to survive the cold weather and am looking forward to the upcoming warmer temperatures and the ability to get outside without clothes (boxers or otherwise). I admit that blogging is helping to make the winter bare-able this year (along with the attention and help of my boyfriend, my man).
During this time, I've met some cool fellow gay bloggers from all over the world. This has helped to make the experience exciting and fun. Due to my shyness, I've always found it easier to write to men rather than meet them in person. I'm continuing to develop my social skills (thanks in a large part to my BF) and at the same time, improve my correspondence, especially with my new buddies from overseas.
In a token sign of my appreciation to my blogger brothers that I've met through Guys Without Boxers, I dedicate this post to each and every one of them. Thanks, guys, for welcoming me into the blogging fraternity. I'm grateful for your friendship and support. All of you are beautiful men. I love you, buddies!
A special thank you to JB (you know who you are). Your patience and understanding means the world to me, as do your offers of help. You're the best, guy!
Naked hugs.

Dante Heaven

Gay Romantique
(one author, three blogs)
Author's Note:
I have several gay nudist friends who convinced me to begin Guys Without Boxers.
I'll feature them in a future post entry.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hairy Armpits: January, 2013

This guys' professional name is Montgomery and he's just hit the world on the runway. His career in front of the camera lens is on a "runaway" race to stardom. What's even better, he isn't shy and has no issues or problems with posing completely nude and in very aroused and erotic scenes. I promise to show more, believe me, much more of Montgomery, here on Guys Without Boxers in the near future.  
This masculine stud is stretching his arms so that we can admire not only his fine physique but his bushy underarms as well. Montgomery is proud of his furry torso and I appreciate his abstinence from applying the razor to that manly spread. Unfortunately, this isn't true with most models of mixed racial heritage. His winning smile invites us for more than just a glance from afar. He's more than willing and so am I.
I've posted the photograph of Montgomery below on this site previously. It just looks too good to not use it once again. Those tufts of hair under his arms are so sexy!  
Naked hugs.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Strip Naked In 2013

It's just a few days into the new year. If you're a practicing social nudist, hopefully, you've already participated in a couple of social nude activities by the time that you're reading this article. If you're reading this because of curiosity about living naked, then take heed and strip out of those clothes. The year is young and time's wasting. No better way to welcome this baby of the calendar than to start it off the right way: completely clothes-free!

If you've thought about trying nudism, now's an ideal time to get yourself prepared, drop those pants and step into freedom. It's okay to amend those resolutions for 2013 and add "get naked" to the list. If you stop and think about it, you're getting nude a couple of times every day; when you get dressed and again when you undress. Already you have practice. Remember the last time that you were sexually engaged? More than likely, you were bare-assed in front of another man then and probably didn't even have a moment of regret.

Now's a good time to begin to get comfortable with nudity. Instead of rushing to get dressed once you've stepped outside the shower, start taking a short break before putting on clothes. Relax and chill a spell while completely nude. Enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of orange juice. Pay a few bills or check emails and messages, in the confines of apartment or home, all the while clothes free. Make this a part of the daily routine. As this becomes ordinary, it won't seem unusual or peculiar.

Once you're unaware of your own nudity, try extending the amount of time that you're naked. After that post shower beverage, start performing one of the regular morning chores while still bare. This increases personal comfort with moving about and doing routine tasks and reduces self-consciousness. Soon, it will seem totally natural to be "natural." You are no longer aware of the fact that you're naked. When you've reached this point, then you'll know that perhaps you're ready to try a social nudist activity.

It's important to remember that it's okay to ease your own way into nudity at your own pace. There's no magic formula that works for everyone. In order to have a positive nude experience, the greater the comfort level the better. It's just a simple matter of gaining confidence and becoming familiar of living life with your own bare skin.

Naked hugs.      

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Nude of the Month: January, 2013

It's January and it's cold outside! There's no better way to start the day than to get cooking in the kitchen on those chilly mornings. It makes no difference as to what's on the menu, the dreary weather gets tolerable after some loving in the oven!

Make it a resolution and a practice in the new year to start each and every day off the right way. A full, nutritious breakfast in the morning accompanied by some good loving with your man. Yes, it's going to be a great year!

For your information, I've added a new page to Guys Without Boxers. The Colin Black Fan Page is now ready for your pleasure. Please let me know what you think. I've also updated the Guys Without Boxers Porn Actors Links page. To view the pages, go the the top of the column on your right side of the screen.
Naked hugs!