Celebrating the Life of Gay Social Nudity

Celebrating the Life of Gay Social Nudity
Celebrating the Life of Gay Social Nudity! Welcome to My Gayborhood: an Affirming Site For Men Comfortable With Their Nakedness and Their Sexuality! Just so that you know, not only am I not wearing any boxers, I'm likewise without bikinis, briefs, jockstraps or thongs: I'm totally nude!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Strip Naked In 2013

It's just a few days into the new year. If you're a practicing social nudist, hopefully, you've already participated in a couple of social nude activities by the time that you're reading this article. If you're reading this because of curiosity about living naked, then take heed and strip out of those clothes. The year is young and time's wasting. No better way to welcome this baby of the calendar than to start it off the right way: completely clothes-free!

If you've thought about trying nudism, now's an ideal time to get yourself prepared, drop those pants and step into freedom. It's okay to amend those resolutions for 2013 and add "get naked" to the list. If you stop and think about it, you're getting nude a couple of times every day; when you get dressed and again when you undress. Already you have practice. Remember the last time that you were sexually engaged? More than likely, you were bare-assed in front of another man then and probably didn't even have a moment of regret.

Now's a good time to begin to get comfortable with nudity. Instead of rushing to get dressed once you've stepped outside the shower, start taking a short break before putting on clothes. Relax and chill a spell while completely nude. Enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of orange juice. Pay a few bills or check emails and messages, in the confines of apartment or home, all the while clothes free. Make this a part of the daily routine. As this becomes ordinary, it won't seem unusual or peculiar.

Once you're unaware of your own nudity, try extending the amount of time that you're naked. After that post shower beverage, start performing one of the regular morning chores while still bare. This increases personal comfort with moving about and doing routine tasks and reduces self-consciousness. Soon, it will seem totally natural to be "natural." You are no longer aware of the fact that you're naked. When you've reached this point, then you'll know that perhaps you're ready to try a social nudist activity.

It's important to remember that it's okay to ease your own way into nudity at your own pace. There's no magic formula that works for everyone. In order to have a positive nude experience, the greater the comfort level the better. It's just a simple matter of gaining confidence and becoming familiar of living life with your own bare skin.

Naked hugs.      


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    1. My husband and I have a Sweat Lodge in the woods and entertain a dozen or more men every month, men who have known and loved each other for years, who are fully comfortable in their naked bodies, and who know how to take care of each other while having sex. We also have naked erotic massage events. I like your blog very much and will be back.

      If it is you in the profile picture, you are a very beautiful man; if not, then you certainly know male beauty when you find it. I think the naked male body is the most beautiful thing in the world.

    2. Guy...
      About a week ago I sent you an e-mail with my two pics as you very respectfully request.You never replied.Closet Professor apparently deleted a reply from you in his blog. If you do not want to be friends just say so politely I like your blog, and would like to receive a reply.

    3. Tonyitalian1951: Sorry, I have received no email message from you. If you would like to resend, my address is listed in the "About Me" gadget at the top right hand side of your viewing screen. guyswithoutboxers@gmail.com . Thanks for your support.

    4. Thanks aguywithoutboxers. I just sent you two of my pics. aguywithoutboxers@gmail.com. right ?


    5. I am getting frustrated with myself: It is guyswithoutboxers@gmail.com Hope you get it this time

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