Celebrating the Life of Gay Social Nudity

Celebrating the Life of Gay Social Nudity
Celebrating the Life of Gay Social Nudity! Welcome to My Gayborhood: an Affirming Site For Men Comfortable With Their Nakedness and Their Sexuality! Just so that you know, not only am I not wearing any boxers, I'm likewise without bikinis, briefs, jockstraps or thongs: I'm totally nude!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Blog Buddies

It's now been almost three months since I began publishing Guys Without Boxers. I started writing when it was at the end of autumn, 2012, and here it is now, dead in the middle of winter, 2013. I'm struggling to survive the cold weather and am looking forward to the upcoming warmer temperatures and the ability to get outside without clothes (boxers or otherwise). I admit that blogging is helping to make the winter bare-able this year (along with the attention and help of my boyfriend, my man).
During this time, I've met some cool fellow gay bloggers from all over the world. This has helped to make the experience exciting and fun. Due to my shyness, I've always found it easier to write to men rather than meet them in person. I'm continuing to develop my social skills (thanks in a large part to my BF) and at the same time, improve my correspondence, especially with my new buddies from overseas.
In a token sign of my appreciation to my blogger brothers that I've met through Guys Without Boxers, I dedicate this post to each and every one of them. Thanks, guys, for welcoming me into the blogging fraternity. I'm grateful for your friendship and support. All of you are beautiful men. I love you, buddies!
A special thank you to JB (you know who you are). Your patience and understanding means the world to me, as do your offers of help. You're the best, guy!
Naked hugs.

Dante Heaven

Gay Romantique
(one author, three blogs)
Author's Note:
I have several gay nudist friends who convinced me to begin Guys Without Boxers.
I'll feature them in a future post entry.


  1. Hello:
    I particular love Mifeboi2. It looks like he is cumming like a guyser. I mean with cum not lava!!!!! It looks like a has a huge head.

  2. Are the fella on the top photo writing on your computer ? I remember seekng it in another blog. Nice hairy dude!!!!! Hope you received my e-mail and pics.

  3. The energy from your blog suggests that you been @ this for more than 3 months :-)

  4. Thanks you very much for this post about me !! Kisses. Gillou

  5. I've known your blog thanks gayromantique!
    do you want to exchange your blogs?
    mine is http://anthroposis.blogspot.com
    I become a member of your blog, think please to become you too a member of my blog!

  6. Gayromantique et Xersex:

    Glad to see you guys have discovered guys without boxers too
    Naked hugs.


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